Session Pricing

At Your Therapy Thoughts & Coaching, we are committed to providing high-quality therapeutic services tailored to your individual needs. Our dedicated therapist, Robin Finley, is experienced in guiding individuals and couples on their journey towards personal growth and relationship enhancement. With a focus on your well-being, Robin creates a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your concerns, develop coping strategies, and work towards positive change.

We offer a range of session options to accommodate your preferences and goals. Our transparent pricing ensures that you can make informed decisions about the sessions that best suit your needs. Robin is dedicated to providing personalized attention and ensuring that each session is tailored to your specific requirements.

Please find our session pricing details below. We offer various session durations to accommodate different needs, allowing for flexibility and customized support.

Take the first step towards your well-being and schedule a session with Robin today. She is here to support you on your path to personal growth and a healthier, happier life."

Pricing for Individual Sessions

Our individual sessions are dedicated to personal growth, providing you with a supportive and confidential space to address your concerns and work towards your goals. We offer flexible session durations to cater to your specific needs:

1-Hour Session: $130
1.5-Hour Session: $195

These different durations offer distinct benefits, allowing for more in-depth exploration, extended processing, or the opportunity to cover multiple topics effectively. Choose the session length that aligns best with your preferences and goals.

Couples sessions are designed to strengthen and enhance your relationship, providing a safe and supportive environment for both partners. We offer flexible session durations to accommodate your specific needs as a couple:

1-Hour Session: $135
1.5-Hour Session: $200

Each session duration offers unique advantages, allowing for deeper exploration, more comprehensive communication, or the opportunity to address multiple relationship dynamics effectively. Choose the session length that aligns best with your goals and preferences as a couple.

Pricing for Couples Sessions

We also offer a free 15-minute consultation. This allows us to meet and ensure we are a good match for your challenges and goals before scheduling an initial session.

All initial sessions for both couples and individuals are priced at $150.00 and are scheduled for up to 75 minutes to ensure a comprehensive and productive experience.

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